Atlanta-Based Filmic Portrait + Wedding Photographer

Meet the photographer, Kynder Bonilla

Filmmaker and photographer... capturing candids and precious moments through visual storytelling.

I got my start in the film industry back in 2019. I've always been drawn to the art of storytelling and found interest in photography amidst the pandemic. It was a no-brainer to translate my experience working on movie sets to photography and videography. We all have our own stories to tell and I've found so much joy in capturing people of all walks of life. I view photography as a means to preserve moments in time and strive to evoke emotions of happiness and nostalgia just like the impact of a great movie.

I specialize in documenting intimate celebrations with lots candids and have a 'shot-on-film' editing style for a timeless look to your photos.

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Meet Brandon Bonilla

Brandon Bonilla, Performer + Videographer

Brandon is our team's videographer and second shooter. When not working with Kynder as her full-time husband, he's helping to capture your wedding day or working on set as a stuntman. He's a Georgia State alum and is an overall well-versed filmmaker!

Photography is the art of freezing time... the ability to store emotions and feelings within a frame