Atlanta-Based Filmic Wedding + Elopement Photographer

Meet the photographer, Kynder Bonilla

Let me take you on a journey through my lens.

My fascination with media has been a lifelong affair. From childhood dreams of acting to earning my Marketing degree, I've always been drawn to the power of visual storytelling.

In 2020, amidst global upheaval, I found solace and passion in photography. Starting as a hobby, it quickly blossomed into a career, with my husband Brandon by my side, supporting me as a videographer and lighting assistant. We share a background in the film industry as performers and love infusing our photos and videos with a cinematic, timeless touch. You'll notice with my editing style that I don't overly 'filter' images and that's because I think a 'filmic' style is much more timeless and looks great when printed.

My favorite part about photography is capturing an instant in time and seeing the reaction from clients. As cliche as that sounds, I love making people happy and it brings me so much joy being able to be a part of such important moments in people's lives!

With that said, I hope this gives you some insight into my personality! If you want to learn more and see if we're the right fit for each other, let's schedule a call!


Meet Brandon Bonilla

Brandon Bonilla, Performer + Videographer

Brandon is our team's videographer and second shooter. When not working with Kynder as her full-time husband, he's helping to capture your wedding day or working on set as a stuntman. He's a Georgia State alum and is an overall well-versed filmmaker!

Photography is the art of freezing time... the ability to store emotions and feelings within a frame