Headshot Information | FAQ

My Approach

Having clean, crisp, and natural headshots that show your true 'look' but still have a bit of 'spice' is ideal to have agents and casting directors notice you!

The results are headshots that get you noticed in a vast array of thumbnails on Actors Access or a board. Of course, training and networking also play a big part in 'getting the part' too. :)


When and how do I receive my photos?

For Actors Headshots, all unedited photos are uploaded in a low resolution, suitable for web, within 7 days - however only print (high res) images edited/retouched by Shot by Kynder will be released.

How many Edits do I get?

The amount of included edits are based on the package you opt-in for. Extra edits are $15 per image and is payable through an online invoice that I will email you.

What's considered a Look?

A look is essentially an outfit change, however, I allow clients to take layers on or off to add some versatility to their looks!

What should I wear?

Study the types of characters you want to play and get typecast for as this will help when choosing what to wear. Items should fit you well and embrace the character you're wanting your headshot to showcase. Choose colors that will contrast well against your skin tone. These are just suggestions! If you want further help, I can help with styling.

Dark Skin Tones: Purples, Blues, Maroon, Red, Yellows, Black

Caucasian/Pale Skin: Black, Blues, Yellows, Coral, Reds

Tan/Olive Skin: Teal, Purple, Orange, Yellows, Maroon, Coral, Black

Where do you shoot at?

Headshots are done at my studio based in Doraville, GA. Google 'Shot by Kynder' for exact directions.

What's your cancellation policy?

I will hold your non-refundable retainer until the day we shoot within a 30-day time frame. I do not offer refunds. Rescheduling is allowed ONE time from the original appointment date. If the SECOND appointment is canceled for any reason, the retainer is forfeited by the client. Any rescheduling will require a new retainer fee. Rescheduling must be made within a 30-day period of the original appointment, or retainer forfeited by the client.

Do I get all the unedited photos?

Only Actors receive all color graded, unretouched photos. Non-Actor Headshot Sessions will receive a watermarked proof gallery.

What's included in edits?

I naturally retouch photos to remove distractions like blemishes or subtle flyaways. For an added fee, I can change background colors, remove wrinkles on clothing or change shirt colors.

I’m not sure what to expect. Can you help me?

I recommend a consultation via Zoom or a Phone Call prior to the shoot. I will discuss the types you can play, what you want to play, your experience level, and overall help you feel more comfortable before shooting with me!

Can I do my own makeup or should I hire a Makeup and Hair Professional?

If you don’t feel comfortable doing your own, I suggest hiring someone. They usually stay for the whole shoot and do touch ups as well! You will pay your artist directly and prices can range from $125-$250 depending on your needs. I can provide recommendations.

If doing your own makeup, pleas come camera ready and do touch ups upon arrival.

How long are my headshots online?

I host headshots online for 60 days and after that, the gallery will be removed to make more space for other clients. I recommend downloading headshots as soon as possible and saving them to a safe space.


Everyone's shoot is different. I cannot guarantee work or booking a job with headshots. While headshots play a part in getting noticed, training and networking are up to you when it comes to booking acting parts.