Actor Headshot Information | FAQ

Here you will find my most frequently asked questions. If you don't see a question answered here or anywhere else on my website, feel free to include them in your inquiry.


What's considered a Look?

A look is essentially an outfit with a certain backdrop to match, however, I allow clients to take layers on or off to add some versatility to their looks.

How many Edits do I get?

The amount of included edits are based on the package you opt-in for. Extra edits are $15 per image and is payable through an online invoice that I will email you.

Do I get all the unedited photos?

Actor headshot sessions receive all color-graded, unretouched proofs which include my small logo in the bottom right-hand corner. Non-Actor Headshot Sessions will receive a watermarked proof gallery.

When and how do I receive my photos?

All proofs are delivered as color-graded images with a signature style. You will receive web-sized proofs in 5-7 business days. Your package includes a specific # of complimentary edits. Edits are delivered within 2 weeks from the day you send me your edit requests.

What's included in edits?

I naturally retouch photos to remove distractions like blemishes or subtle flyaways. All photos on my portfolio have been retouched to add the final pop to the image. For an added fee, I can change background colors, remove wrinkles on clothing or change shirt colors.

Can I bring people to my session?

No guests are allowed. If you're booking for a child/teen, parents or a sibling is allowed. If you have concerns, please contact me beforehand.

I’m not sure what to expect. Can you help me?

I recommend a consultation via Zoom or a Phone Call prior to the shoot. I will discuss the types you can play, what you want to play, your experience level, and overall help you feel more comfortable before shooting with me!

What should I wear?

You will receive a style prep guide prior to shooting so you can organize your looks and pick out colors that suit your skintone.

Can I do my own makeup or should I hire a Makeup and Hair Professional?

Makeup and hair professionals are recommended if you're not comfortable doing your own. I don't require a professional but regardless, makeup and good grooming is needed for actor headshot sessions. You must let me know if you're bringing a makeup/hair artist in advance to plan enough time for your session.

Where do you shoot?

My studio in Doraville, GA. You can Google 'Shot by Kynder' for exact directions.

How long are my headshots online?

6 months

What's your cancellation policy?

Please arrive on time. On the day cancellations may be subject to being charged the full amount. Arrivals more than 15 minutes late may be cancelled if you do not let me know beforehand. If you are arriving late, please contact directly so I can make sure my schedule is aligned.

I will hold your non-refundable retainer until the day we shoot within a 30-day time frame. I do not offer refunds. Rescheduling is allowed ONE time from the original appointment date. If the SECOND appointment is canceled for any reason, the retainer is forfeited by the client. Any rescheduling will require a new retainer fee. Rescheduling must be made within a 30-day period of the original appointment, or retainer forfeited by the client.


Everyone's shoot is different. I cannot guarantee work or booking a job with headshots. While headshots play a part in getting noticed, training and networking are up to you when it comes to booking acting parts.

How do you know so much about the industry?

Because I'm also an actor and regularly attend classes and workshops to understand what casting directors are looking for in headshots.