Headshot Information | FAQ

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For Availability, please contact me directly or email shotbykynder@gmail.com

What’s considered a ‘Look’?

A look is essentially an outfit change, however, I allow clients to take layers on or off to add some versatility to their looks!

I’m not sure what to expect. Can you help me?

I recommend a consultation via Zoom or a Phone Call prior to the shoot. I will discuss the types you can play, what you want to play, your experience level, and overall help you feel more comfortable before shooting with me!

What should I wear?

Study the types of characters you want to play and get typecast for as this will help when choosing what to wear. Items should fit you well and embrace the character you're wanting your headshot to showcase. Choose colors that will contrast well against your skin tone. These are just suggestions!

Dark Skin Tones: Purples, Blues, Maroon, Red, Yellows, Black

Caucasian/Pale Skin: Black, Blues, Yellows, Coral, Reds

Tan/Olive Skin: Teal, Purple, Orange, Yellows, Maroon, Coral, Black

Should I hire a Makeup and Hair Professional?

If you don’t feel comfortable doing your own, I suggest hiring someone. They usually stay for the whole shoot and do touch ups as well! You will pay your artist directly and prices can range from $125-$250 depending on your needs.

Robyn "Fluffy" Cason - info.thehausoffluff@gmail.com ; @thehausoffluff

Amy Chou - @amychou_glamour

How many Edits do I get?

The amount of included edits is based on the package you opt in for. Extra edits are $20 per image and is payable through Zelle or Venmo.

How and When do I receive my photos?

Proofs galleries are delivered within 3 business days of the shoot through a private online gallery. You’ll be able to favorite the images you want edited and share your favorites with your agent/manager. Edited images are delivered within 2 weeks of choosing your edit picks. There are no watermarks on the final images.

Can I get all the RAW images?

At this point, I do not give out unwatermarked, unedited images. If you would like to purchase a color-graded gallery without retouching, you can do so for $75.

Where are you located?

All headshot sessions are done at my studio in Doraville, GA, nearby Assembly Studios, Third Rail Studios and OFS.

What is your Cancellation policy?

I will hold your non-refundable retainer until the day we shoot within a 30-day time frame. I do not offer refunds. Rescheduling is allowed ONE time from the original appointment date. If the SECOND appointment is canceled for any reason, the retainer is forfeited by the client. Any rescheduling will require a new retainer fee. Rescheduling must be made within a 30-day period of the original appointment, or retainer forfeited by the client.