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About the Photographer


I'm Kynder Ann Ganoe, the eyes and creativity behind Shot by Kynder and Veil and Vows Co.

A few things you should know about me...

• I'm also a working SAG-AFTRA Actor and Stunt Performer
• I have the cutest cat named Momo
• I'm engaged to the most wonderful man, Brandon!
• Passionfruit Bubble Tea with Lychee Jelly is my go-to!

let's work together

My passion for performing and photography started off as a child. Every Christmas I would ask for a new camcorder to film music videos with my sister. I would record everything for YouTube to show them off at family gatherings. I eventually tried vlogging and makeup videos. They weren't great but I sure did have a lot of fun.

Fast forward to my mid-twenties and I get laid off from my corporate marketing job. The passion to create sparked again and I found myself doing extra work on Hawaii 5-0. I eventually networked, took acting classes, and got to work as a Stunt Actor and Performer in movies like Do Revenge, Teen Wolf, and others!

However when the pandemic hit, like most people, I needed to find work. I started photography as a hobby and I eventually focused on Headshot and Wedding Photography. Between working on set, you'll find me taking photos. Being able to blend the two worlds has been an amazing journey.

I also met my fiancé, Brandon aka StuntBran, through film and we do wedding photography and videography together.

When you work with me, you're not only getting someone to take decent pictures of you, but you have someone who understands the path you're on. Not only do you get me as a Photographer, but you're getting my experience as an Actor, Stunt Performer, Marketing Professional, Videographer, and Director.

I'd love for you to step inside my studio and feel empowered. Let's work together!

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"Photography is the art of freezing time... the ability to store emotions and feelings within a frame"